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Airline Network: The UK’s Leading Independent Travel Company


So you want to find an awesome deal on airline tickets? If you live in the UK, why not try out the services of Airline Network. Airline Network has become one of the most well known internet travel companies in the United Kingdom.

Network Airline’s home base is located in Preston, Lancashire and has more than six hundred employees. Airline Network was established in 1992 and is also known by the consumer brand of Gold Medal Travel. Airline Network is publicly traded under several brand names, including Get Packing.

Airline Network offers access to more than 135 of the world’s top airlines at discount prices. Their website has received awards for its ease of use and clean site structure, as well as their superb online security.

In addition to stellar internet customer service, Airline Network also offers complete phone customer service for everything from phone ticket booking to personal trip planning services.

Whether you need flight information and tickets for a short trip or require comprehensive multi-stop trip planning, the folks are Airline Network are pleased to provide everything that your next airline travel experience may require.

At the Airline Network website you can browse through the current best deals or use the flight search tool to see all the flights that meet your criteria. Right up there with Expedia, Airline Network has simply tons of

flight deals, flight and accommodation, as well as flight, accommodations and car rental deals every day.

Not only does Airline Network offer some of the best deals on airline tickets and hotel stays, but they also offer pretty comprehensive detail of airport parking structures and airport layouts in general. This can certainly come in handy for making your way around an unfamiliar airport much easier.

Also, Airline Network offers a premium program that allows frequent users to receive even greater discounts on flights and other travel related services and merchandise. For more information visit their website at .

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